It's a jam session, so we'll be inviting other musicians up to sit in with us on the tunes. We'll do a sign up sheet starting at 4:30pm. Here is the list of tunes we'll draw from:

Hikky Burr - Quincy Jones - E
Root Down - Jimmy Smith - G
Povo - Freddie Hubbard - Cm
Aragon - Roy Ayers - Bbm
Upshot - Grant Green - Cm
Hot Pants Road - The JB's - Dm
Ease Back - The Meters (Grant Green Version) - E
The Weasil - Donald Byrd - C
Burning Spear - S.O.U.L. - Am
Jan Jan - Grant Green version - Cm
EJI - Whitefield Brothers - Em
Funky River - Bill Caballero/SFSE - C
Backyard Boogie - SFSE - C
The Hunt - SFSE - Fm
Man Up - Mighty 388's - Gm
Fire Eater - Rusty Bryant - G
Orange Peel - Reuben Wilson - C
Inner City Blues - Reuben Wilson Version - Cm
Sander's Lament - SFSE - Gm

Event page:

YouTube playlist: (complete)

Spotify playlist: (missing a few jamz)

We will provide house drum kit, bass amp, guitar amp, and Nord Electro 2 Keyboard.

Please help us get the word out! Invite your funky friends; musicians and music lovers! Panama 66 is all ages and family friendly.